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Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Create an Account on the iTunes Store Without a Credit Card

To take a game or application in the iTunes Store, we must have an account with iTunes Store first, there are 2 choices accounts, which are paid and free.

If we only want the games or applications for free, simply create a free account only. By doing the registration on the iTunes Store, then we can download a free application or game. Here I will explain about the registration on the iTunes Store account without a credit card.

The first thing to do is verify that your email address has not been registered in the registration of the iTunes Store, if it already exists, then you must create a new email first. If you've done, then follow these steps:
  • Select an application or game for free from the iTunes Store, of course, must go through iTunes on your PC. Here I will try to take FileAid applications. Click the Get Apps button

  • New window will appear that requires you to register on iTunes Store. Select "Create New Account"
  • Follow the steps requested by the iTunes Store until you go to the payment step. On the steps of this payment, if you follow the previous steps, it will appear NONE choice among credit card option.
Select None if you register with no credit card so that you can get an application or game for free from the iTunes Store. And registration is complete without a credit card =)


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